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The Administrator of the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website is Polish Business Hub owned by Transliteria Polish Translations Limited hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”.

The privacy of the visitors of the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website is very important for the Administrator. Details given by the users and data collected automatically are used only for the purposes clearly specified in this Privacy Policy.

Details given by the users

The Administrator collects users details when:

– a user registers via a registration form on the  www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website in order to become a member of the Polish Business Hub,

– a user creates their profile that is shown on the “Our Members” page,

– when submitting a question via a contact form on the “Contact” page,

– when ordering a newsletter by writing their email address and clicking “subscribe” button.

Processing users’ personal data

The Administrator of the Personal Data is Polish Business Hub owned by Polish Translations Limited

Personal data is processed for the following purposes:

  • registration and logging in as a member of the Polish Business Hub;
  • purchasing a ticket for any event organised by the Polish Business Hub;
  • answering a question asked by a user via the contact form;
  • marketing in relation to informing the user about the upcoming events.

The Administrator collects an absolute minimum amount of data and processes it only if the user gives their consent unless the law provides otherwise.

The user has the right to have access to their details as well as to correct, complete, update and amend them or to request their deletion.

No collected details are disclosed to any third parties without a prior consent by the person whose details they relate to, except for when this is required by commonly applicable law.

Data collected automatically (“Cookies”)

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to the user’s personal computer, mobile or other device when they visit a website.  Visiting a website means giving consent to place the Cookies on the end user’s device. Every user can turn off Cookies by changing their browser settings.

Cookies contain the following data:

  • public IP address of the device from which the enquiry came from;
  • information of the user’s operation system;
  • information of the user’s browser;
  • information about the pages visited by the user and the amount of time they spent browsing.

Cookies do not contain any data identifying the users visiting the website nor any other data collected from the user.

Using Cookies

Collected Cookies are kept by the Administrator for indefinite time only for auxiliary purposes, i.e. administration of the website. Any information contained in Cookies shall not be disclosed to anyone except for the persons authorised to run the server of the https://www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website. The Administrator uses Cookies only for statistical reasons and to adjust the content and layout of the website to the needs of its visitors.

Intellectual property

Any copying, redistribution, publication, distribution,disclosure or any other use of the whole or part of the content of the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website for commercial purposes without prior consent of the Administrator is strictly forbidden.

Any repeated or regular downloading of any of the unprotected elements of the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website, downloading of which could cause damage to it.

Distribution and use of the whole or part of the content, data and information included in the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website is allowed only upon obtaining a prior written consent of the Administrator or concluding a separate licence agreement.

Following a consent of the Administrator to distribute and use the content, data and information included in the Polish Business Hub website, their distribution and use is only allowed if the used content, data and information refer to the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website and if the website is mentioned as a source.

Links to other websites

The www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website contains links to other websites. These websites have their own terms of use and privacy policies and they are included in these websites.

Information security

The Administrator makes every effort to ensure security of any information related to the user. Any details collected by the forms on the website are sent to a coded server, which ensures security of the user’s details.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Administrator can change the current Privacy Policy, in particular in order to adapt it to the requirements of the current legislation, and informing about those changes on the www.polishbusinesshub.co.uk website.


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Copyright Polish Business Hub 2018

Terms of Use | Contact | Site Map

Website Design and Build by Lean Mean Digital

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